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Who We Are?

We Are Healthy Care Medical Group

In 2018, Healthy Care Medical Group was established as one of the major companies in providing healthcare services to various groups. It started by owning a highly qualified specialized polyclinics in Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt, offering services in more than 12 health and medical specialties. Then the company expanded to another branch in the west of Alexandria (Agami-Hanovil region). Now the company has obtained the medical operator license for a number of projects in the New Administrative Capital in Cairo, to be the first Egyptian company providing this pioneering medical work.

Our Vision

To be the trusted healthcare partner in maximizing human potential for patients, partners, and other healthcare facilities.

Our Mission

To improve the health and wellbeing of each life we touch, Healthy Care Medical Group is committed to the following pillars:

Quality healthcare outcomes: The company is dedicated to delivering high-value, meaningful health and wellness solutions that resonate with clients and ensure optimal health outcomes and improved productivity. To achieve this, the company focuses on providing effective, safe, and people-centered care.

  1. Healthy Care Medical Group aims to provide services that resonate with patients and partners. Patient engagement can inform patient and partner education and policies, as well as enhance service delivery. Engaging patients in the delivery or re-design of health care can lead to reduced hospital admissions, improved effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of health services, improved quality of life, and enhanced quality and accountability of health services.
  2. Customer-centric: The company measures itself and its actions through the lens of its customers. Patients, health plans, employers, and suppliers can hasten the transformation of the health care system, and all will benefit greatly from doing so.
  3. Efficiency: Healthy Care Medical Group focuses on driving productivity and identifying areas of improvement to deliver value. Strengthening the core of primary care service delivery is key to achieving the Triple Aim of improved patient care experiences, better population health, and lower costs.

We Are Healthy Care Medical Group

Our Beliefs and Values

Healthy Care Medical Group believes in maximizing human potential and providing high value to redefine excellence in every industry it touches. The company is guided by its core values of honesty, trust, cooperation, transparency, and a culture of service. These values are essential in the healthcare industry, as effective communication grounded in core values improves health outcomes, quality of care, and patient and clinician satisfaction.

Our competitive advantage

The Healthcare Medical Group has achieved a new achievement, which is the partnership with the Japanese company doctor’s Man.

The achievement of becoming the sole and exclusive agent of hydrotherapy technology in Egypt and the Middle East has been achieved.

Healthcare Medical Group is a managed healthcare and organizational consulting company in the field of Health and well-being with a primary focus on “improving health outcomes”. This goal is achieved through various key areas that positively and effectively support many projects in promoting health and well-being. We now have many successful projects and we strive to expand this success to other projects in the future throughout Egypt and the Arab world.