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Hydrogen gas is naturally present in the Earth’s atmosphere in very low concentrations, and it is also produced through the process of water electrolysis or by cracking organic compounds.

Hydrogen gas can be extracted from various sources through different processes. Here are some common methods for extracting hydrogen gas:

  • Water electrolysis: Hydrogen gas can be extracted from water through processes such as electrolysis or chemical decomposition.
  • Cracking organic compounds: Hydrogen gas can be obtained by cracking organic compounds using processes like distillation or thermal decomposition.
  • Manufactured as a byproduct: Hydrogen gas is produced as a byproduct of various industrial processes.

Hydrogen therapy involves direct inhalation of hydrogen gas, consuming hydrogen-rich water, or relaxing in a hydrogen-infused bath.

Hydrogen is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless gas. Hydrogen therapy is an innovative method to improve health and treat various medical conditions by directly inhaling hydrogen gas, consuming hydrogen-rich water, or relaxing in a hydrogen-infused bath.

Hydrogen therapy is considered one of the alternative and complementary treatments aimed at improving overall health. The health benefits of hydrogen include reducing body inflammation, improving skin health, supporting the immune system, reducing stress levels, improving sleep quality, and other benefits.

So far, no side effects of hydrogen therapy have been proven.

Hydrogen therapies are a common option for many individuals, including those suffering from chronic inflammation, heart diseases, immune disorders, oxidative stress, skin diseases, neurological disorders, stress, psychological stress, and those recovering from injuries and surgeries.

As of now, a specific dosage for molecular hydrogen therapy has not been determined. Dosages used in clinical studies and research vary and depend on several factors such as individual health condition and treatment goals. Healthcare providers can provide appropriate advice and determine the suitable dosage based on individual needs and health circumstances.

As of now, there is no determined maximum limit for the safe use of hydrogen in therapy.

When drinking hydrogen water, it can have many positive effects on the body. Hydrogen water contains dissolved hydrogen molecules, which are believed to act as powerful antioxidants. According to preliminary research, there are potential benefits of drinking hydrogen water, including antioxidant properties, immune system support, and digestive health support.

Currently, there are no official recommendations regarding the daily intake of hydrogen water, as this topic requires further research and study. However, some studies have used doses ranging from 1 to 10 molecules per milliliter of drinking water, but these doses may vary depending on individuals and their health conditions. Studies have suggested replacing daily drinking water with hydrogen water for optimal results.

The duration of bathing in a hydrogen-infused bath depends on personal preference and comfort. The suitable bathing period typically ranges from 10 to 30 minutes. It is advisable to start with shorter periods initially and gradually increase based on comfort and body response. Other factors such as water temperature and overall health should also be considered. Comfort should be prioritized during bathing, and it’s important to stop if any discomfort or tension is felt. Following the manufacturer’s instructions for the hydrogen-infused bath device is also recommended for best results and safety.

There is no known harm from a hydrogen water bath when used correctly. However, you should consider some important points:

  • Water temperature: You must ensure that the water temperature in the water bath does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, so as not to lead to skin injuries or thermal shock.
  • Health condition: People who suffer from health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or breathing problems should consult a specialist doctor before using the hydrogen water bath.
  • Duration: The duration of bathing should be reduced if you feel any tension or discomfort.
  • Water quality: You must ensure the quality of the water in the water bath and change it regularly so that this does not lead to the proliferation of germs and bacteria.

If you follow these tips and follow the manufacturer’s instructions, there is no known harm from using a hydrogen water bath.

There are no official recommendations on the optimal duration of use of a pure hydrogen inhaler. However, the ideal dose and duration may vary depending on people and their health conditions. The average duration of the session has been determined, according to clinical research, to be 45 minutes. It is also preferable to sleep during the session, which enhances the tremendous results of the hydrogen. It is important to use the hydrogen inhaler correctly and in accordance with the instructions attached to the device, and to avoid using it incorrectly to maintain the safety of the device.

There is some research to suggest that treatment with pure hydrogen has some benefits in treating lung cancer. Pure hydrogen is believed to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute to reducing cellular damage and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the early stages of the disease.

Yes, research indicates that drinking hydrogen water continuously has many benefits for diabetics. Pure hydrogen has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute to improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin and reducing blood sugar levels.

To absorb hydrogen gas effectively, we suggest inhalation as long as you are available. According to medical research conducted by Keio University, inhaling hydrogen gas with Doctors Man inhaler showed that the hydrogen concentration in the body can reach saturation in 5 minutes. So even when you are too busy to have enough time, we highly recommend that you take a few minutes to inhale every day as much as possible. Continuous inhalation (for several hours) is also recommended for acute cases.

You can use the hydrogen gas inhaler continuously for 24 hours x 365 days. Hence, you can even use it while working at the desk or while lying in bed.

You cannot use tap water or any other type of water other than distilled water, as the water used must be highly purified.

Yes, there is a bag that acts as an ion remover that must be replaced every year or according to use, and the device gives an alert when it is scheduled to be replaced.

The effect varies according to each individual’s physical condition, therefore there is no general answer. But some people feel the effects the same day after inhalation.

Yes, distilled water must be changed every six months or when the device gives a warning. We drain the distilled water from the tank and put in new water.

  • Entirely manufactured and inspected in Japan.
  • High purity, as hydrogen is produced with a purity of up to 99.99999%.
  • Very easy to operate and use.
  • The most durable device ever, as it can work 24 hours a day, all year round.
  • Multi-use, as it produces hydrogen gas for inhalation and injects liquids with hydrogen gas under high pressure at a concentration of up to 4 parts per million.
  • The hydrogen gas pumping pressure is automatically adjusted so it does not cause any distress or discomfort to the person during the session.

The idea of the device is to generate hydrogen through the electrolysis of water. By pressing the button, the device works for 20 minutes and then turns off automatically. It is recommended to prepare a warm water bath at 41°C and place the device in it for 20 minutes before the patient lies down in it and operate the device again during the session to obtain the greatest concentration. Possible from hydrogen, which reaches 1.6 parts per million. The device needs to be charged for up to 4 hours every three days, or depending on the frequency of its use.

First: Mariage Hydrogen Water Generator.

Second: Injecting water with hydrogen gas using an inhaler.

Third: ANYSUI Hydrogen Generator portable hydrogen water generator.

We fill the water tank with any type of drinkable water, as the device contains a carbon filter that purifies the water and obtains ion-free water, then enters it into the hydrogen generation stage, and with the push of a button, a cup of hydrogen-rich water is obtained.

Yes, the device’s carbon filter is changed after it is used to generate 30,000 liters of hydrogen water.

Hydrogen water prepared using an inhaler can be stored in the bottle for three days without opening it, or one day if it is opened. The hydrogen water produced from the Mariage device can be drunk immediately or stored in hydrogen storage containers for up to seven days, and the water produced from the ANYSUI hydrogen generator is drunk during the day of preparation.

Hydrogen water prepared using an inhaler can be stored in the bottle for three days without opening it, or one day if it is opened. The hydrogen water produced from the Mariage device can be drunk immediately or stored in hydrogen storage containers for up to seven days, and the water produced from the ANYSUI hydrogen generator is drunk during the day of preparation.

The aluminum package is opened, and the reaction bag is taken out, then it is immersed in water, then placed in a safety capsule. The capsule is placed in the water bottle that is to be converted to hydrogen water, and it is closed well and left for a period of 10 minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the water bottle, which can range from 500 ml to 4 ml. A liter. After time, the bottle solidifies to generate hydrogen gas inside it. Shake it well before drinking.

They are containers made of aluminum and other materials that prevent the leakage of hydrogen through the interspaces between their atoms. They contain a very high-tech, air-tight lid that contains a valve that allows water to exit only at the time of drinking and does not allow gas to leak or air to enter, which maintains 90:100% of the concentration. The hydrogen is inside the container for seven days and is easy to clean and reuse many times.