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Hydrogen Egypt

Certainly! Healthy Care Medical Group is pleased to collaborate with the esteemed company Hydrogen Egypt, in accordance with a joint cooperation protocol to introduce hydrogen into all aspects of human life. Hydrogen Egypt specializes in introducing green hydrogen as a source of clean energy, which helps preserve the human environment, reduce pollutants and disease-causing agents, and safeguard the planet and the surrounding climate. Meanwhile, the role of Healthy Care Medical Group involves introducing pure molecular hydrogen into the field of medical treatment in hospitals and various medical centers across different specialties. This aims to transform lifestyles into ones filled with health, vitality, and free from diseases, thus improving the quality of life for all humans on Earth.

Dalia Samir

Dalia Samir

Co-founder and Director
Khaled Nagieb

Khaled Nagieb


Our joint goal is to create a pure hydrogen world free from diseases and pollutants.

Hydrogen Egypt (H2EG) is an Egyptian International association promoting the interest of Egypt within the hydrogen industry and its stakeholders and promoting hydrogen as an enabler of a zero-emission society.

Hydrogen Egypt in association with more than 400+ international hydrogen technology companies, specialized investment funds, including 25+ International regions and 30+ international associations, H2EG is working along the entire value chain of the international hydrogen ecosystem. Our vision is to position Egypt in the effort to propel global carbon neutrality by accelerating Egyptian hydrogen industry.


  • Promote hydrogen technologies in Egypt and their multiple applications for decarbonization towards policy makers, businesses, and civil society alike.
  • Support and Enforce COP21 Paris agreement through a wide adoption of hydrogen technologies in respective markets.
  • Develop and adopt in Egypt the innovative and cost competitive hydrogen technologies that suit the needs of respective Egyptian markets.
  • Encourage knowledge exchanges / skills transfer between International and Egyptian companies and universities.
  • Foster hydrogen policy alignment between Egypt, other countries and international bodies.
  • Identify and attract public funding and private finance to Egypt.
  • Support project development and facilitate Hydrogen technology entry into Egypt.
  • Remove trade barriers and facilitate hydrogen (and its derivatives) import/exports between Egypt and the International markets.
  • Promote the infrastructure for the trade of hydrogen between the international markets, the EU, and Egyptian green hydrogen production areas in the Suez Canal Economic Zone.
  • Promote the role of Egypt within International partnerships, such as the African Hydrogen Partnership and the Mediterranean Hydrogen Partnership.