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Ivory Plaza Mall – New Capital

The Ivory Plaza project is the first mixed-use commercial, administrative, and medical building to serve the first residential neighborhoods in the Administrative Capital in the R2 & R3 neighborhood, in a prime location on a main street, directly on the Al-Amal axis, and 10 minutes from the Monorail station.

The real estate company executing the Ivory Plaza project in the New Administrative Capital relied on implementing a smart design that makes the best use of all available spaces so that there is no crowding or overcrowding in the mall. This allows the movement in the mall to always remain smooth for its visitors, even in the most crowded periods.

It also considered a design that takes into account the surrounding environment and allows sunlight to enter the medical units to preserve the energy of the place and make it a healthy environment for work and the reception of customers.

Healthy care medical group is honored to be the medical operator of this huge facility that has custom floors with medical centers for various specialties, clinics, and analysis centers that have different sizes and divisions.