Welcome to Healthy Care Medical Group

Medical Operation

Healthy Care Medical Group is honored by its fruitful cooperation with our distinguished doctors, to achieve continuous successes and development aimed at facilitating medical practice and providing the highest medical quality to the patient, by preparing all the founding, administrative and operational factors of the medical institution.

As an organization committed to being the best we can be, we obtain a license to be the medical operator in the new administrative capital’s medical projects to establish, manage, operate, and maintain medical projects of various types and specialties.

It’s all part of our dedication to delivering the best possible service to the people we support and being a great place for people to work with.

Our contracts are with great entities to be the medical operator of their projects:

  1. Tamyoz Co. for Real Estate Investment and Development:
  1. DIG Developments:
  1. Enwan Developments:

4- El Masria Development

  • Cloud Clinics

5- El Mansor Development

  • 9 Yard Clinics
  • Oxagon Tower