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The 5 Hub Business project

It is known that Tamayoz Development is constantly trying to provide customers with many various features and provide different services in the projects it develops in addition to Healthy Care Medical Group’s continued keenness on excellence and leadership in every detail of work and this is what actually happened in 5 Business Hub Mall New Administrative Capital, which is one of the most important malls in the city. A brilliant name among the major commercial centers in the capital, which is characterized by being highly distinguished and also different because it carries many competitive advantages that make it reach a distinguished position among its peers in 5 Business Hub New Capital.

5 Business Hub mall is located in Downtown New Administrative Capital, and it is a luxurious place with more than one important feature to add to the place, and many other services and facilities have been provided in the place that makes the work environment within it excellent.

Healthy Care manages the medical floors in the project in accordance with the highest international quality standards to ensure effective and high-quality medical service for residents of or visitors to the New Capital.