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The Lark mall

Tamayoz Developments has established The Lark Mall New Cairo, following their notable successes in their projects in the New Capital. The location of Mall The Lark New Cairo is not the first venture by Tamayoz Developments in New Cairo. Preceded by several administrative projects, the company is well-acquainted with prime locations in Fifth Settlement. That’s why it has chosen a strategic location for The Lark Mall, a minute away from the American University, ensuring high foot traffic.

The design of The Lark New Cairo Mall combines modern aesthetics with traditional elements, setting it apart from other projects in New Cairo. Careful attention has been given to every detail within the mall to ensure the comfort of its clients. 

The Lark Mall New Cairo stands as a pioneering and comprehensive project, reflecting the relentless efforts of Tamayoz in achieving excellence in design and execution. While some might express concerns about the multiple activities within the mall, its structural organization and building design, from floors and elevators to gates, guarantee visitors a unique and exclusive experience in Mall The Lark

Healthy Care Medical Group is pleased to be the medical operator of this great project, which serves a wide segment of society, providing them with high-quality medical service at a reasonable price and with the latest technologies and methods of modern medicine. As is always known, we only offer the best to our clients and those who receive our service.