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Track 12 mall

DIG Developments launches Mall Track 12 New Capital, after the massive success of its two previous projects in the New Capital. DIG has become one of the major developers in the New Capital, and thus it has easily chosen a privileged location for Track 12 Mall New Capital. A strategic spot in the New Capital, specifically in block 50 M, which is situated directly on the western axis in front of pharmaceutical companies, is dedicated to Track 12 New Capital Mall. Mall Track 12 New Capital is very close to the Green River. A short distance separates Track 12 DIG from Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque. Track 12 New Capital Mall is located near the Ministries District. Reaching Cairo Opera House and Al Masa Hotel will be easy from Track 12 New Capital project.

The distinguished services and ideal location are the main privileges of Mall Track 12 that encourage Healthy Care Medical Group to manage and operate its medical units, guaranteeing their success and regular workflow.