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Madar Business Complex in Downtown

Tamayoz Developments is keen to meet the needs of its clients, so it has picked the most vital location in the New Capital to be the location of Madar Tamayoz, Madar Mall New Capital is located directly on the Tourist Walkway. It takes minutes to reach the Green River from Madar Business Complex. Madar Tamayoz is 50 m2 away from Central Park. It takes about 3 minutes to reach Madar Tamayoz from Misr Mosque.

The location of Madar Tamayoz is not the only advantage, but its elegant and charming designs are also another great advantage, as Tamayoz Developments has taken into account the smallest details to meet the needs of its clients. This excellence in location and design attracted the attention of Healthy Care Medical Group, and we decided to take on this challenge to make the medical part of this project one of the most important medical destinations for customers looking for quality, luxury, and the latest international medical technologies and treatments in one place.